We Design & Manufacture Heavy Duty Industrial Voltage Stabilizer & Control Panel as per your power needs.



Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT) are being manufactured from 100VA to 5KVA for use with sophisticated equipment

Technical Specification

01 Input Voltage 160V-280V
02 Output Voltage 230Volt.
03 Line Frequency 50Hz.
04 Output Frequency Same as input.
05 Output Regulation ±1% from no load to full load.
06 Temperature Rise 200C above ambient temperature.
07 Protection Inherent protection for short circuit, over loador over voltage with built in Surge Suppressor, proper heat sinking facility.
08 Correction Speed Instantaneous(100V/sec).
09 Effect of I/P Frequency change The output voltage varies @ 2.6% with a frequency change of 1Hz at the input.
10 Insulation Better than 500M Ohms at 1000V DC.